So why all the fuss about Royalty Free Music?

All music that you hear in public spaces, listen to on the radio, hear in the background of a video or play from a CD/digital player has somewhere along the line been licenced.  Each country has their own licencing authority or “collections agency” which collects licence fees and distributes these among the artists registered with them. In Australia it’s APRA and AMCOS;  in the UK it’s the PRS, in Sweden it’s STIM, in the US there are three agencies, ASCAP,  BMI and SESAC and of course there are the large multinationals who look after their own artists such as Sony, EMI and Warner etc.  But who looks after the rights of the small independent “label” that commissions music to a specification?  There is no organisation to look after the interests of an “owner” of music that has been “made to order” by musicians and songwriters who have sold their “rights” to future income streams.

We believe this is unfair and have petitioned for the removal of music licence fees for this type of music.

We believe that music is like an artwork that hangs on a wall or in a gallery.  If you buy a piece of art you can display that art wherever you like, for the enjoyment of whomever, whenever you like, without the need to pay the artist ongoing licence fees.  Similarly we believe if you buy a piece of music you should have the right to use that music however you wish.  The same standards should be applied to Art and Music.  You cannot say you created the art or the music, but if you own the piece of art or music, you should have the rights to use it without restriction.  However, in many countries the Musicians Unions have successfully lobbied for restrictive licensing legislation which prevents us from selling you “ownership” of our music.  As such we are legally required to licence our music to you.  In drafting our licence, we have created a Royalty Free Licence, which for all intents and purposes transfers all the rights of pseudo ownership of the music to you the purchaser.

ChiBall Education Pty Ltd owns all rights (mechanical, performing, synchronising, publishing and copyrights) for all Music sold through our website. Music is offered for sale under a Royalty Free Licence Agreement. The licence permits “unlimited” use, which means that there are no limitations on the number of duplications, projects, time-frame, locations, audience etc. that you can use the music for.

When you buy any of our Music, you can use it for whatever number of projects that you want to, with as many duplications as you need, for as long as you like without owing any additional fees. This also includes any type of medium as well. For example, if you wanted to play the music inside your spa or in a gym class, and make copies of your class as part of a promo package for customers, too, then you’re covered.
There is one restriction, however. You can’t say that you created the music, and you don’t legally have “ownership” rights to the music – ownership is retained by us. What this means, practically, is that you cannot sub-license the music by itself or sell it by itself to another party.
For more information, read the full licence terms at ChiBall Terms and Conditions – See section 15 TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHT
Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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