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Royalty free music composed for ChiBall.  The Power of Relaxation – The Music is meditative music crafted to relax the mind, calm the spirit, and aid you on your journey back to centre.

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Listen to samples from The Power of Relaxation Music Album

Approximate running time 74 minutes.

Royalty Free Music composed for ChiBall.  Like a soundtrack for life, this album, with its peaceful, gentle and rhythmic music is versatile enough to be played during contemplation or as an accompaniment to your daily activities.

Play it consciously to remind yourself to relax and let go, or play it in the background to create an ambience of serenity and peace.

A perfect album for flowing Yoga and meditative practices, The Power of Relaxation – The Music will relax your mind, calm your spirit and aid your journey back to centre.

Once you have downloaded the Zip file, extract the MP3 files into a folder and add them to Itunes where you can create a playlist for the Album.


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