Dance of the Dragon – The Album




Listen to samples from the Album Dance of the Dragon

Royalty free music composed for ChiBall.  The Dance of the Dragon dynamically rebalances, regulates and detoxifies the body while naturally realigning the spine and getting the “kinks” out of the muscles. It fully stretches the body’s internal organs, and increases the flow of energy and oxygen throughout the system. It also aids weight loss without dieting.

The Dance of the Dragon CD is the perfect complement to the Dance of the Dragon exercise routine. This unique recording awakens the senses, cultivates the inner smile, and promotes reflection and contemplation.  The CD contains 2 complete Dance of the Dragon sessions, each consisting of four tracks – tracks 1-4 and tracks 5-8.  The CD ends with a “bonus” guided meditation which can be followed at any time.

Once you have downloaded the Zip file, extract the MP3 files into a folder and add them to Itunes where you can create a playlist for the Album.