Circle of Life Album




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Royalty free music composed for ChiBall.  This music is inspired by the Tao Te Ching, an ancient Chinese text of 81 short poems written by the sage Lao Tzu forms the basis of the Tao and provides the foundations of modern Chinese philosophy as well as that of ChiBall.  One of the three great religions in China, Taoism is based on the concept of the Tao or the Way, as the universal power through which all life flows.  From this teaching comes the principles of balance through yin and yang, Chi (or life force), the meridian system and the five elements.  The Tao has the ability to transform lives, build communities and create empires.  It provides a means for seeing where you are now, what you would like to change and transform, and what steps you can take to reach a state of contentment and wellbeing where the mind, body and spirit are united.

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