Children In Balance


Everyone will love this light-hearted and interesting book that explores the childhood passion for learning.
BONUS – the pdf book contains Links to video clips demonstrating the moves contained in the book!

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Children In Balance provides a simple, fun program to inspire children to use their imagination, their creativity and to move.

Our aim is to provide a holistic perspective on children’s health. Through following this program children will:

develop their literacy skills,
strengthen their self-confidence
build their self-esteem
improve their ability to concentrate
become healthier in mind, body and spirit.

Throughout the book, Children are introduced to the kitchen. By learning to cook, they are also learning about cooperation and collaboration with others and building enduring life skills. To put it simply, Children in Balance brings the concepts of social activity, healthy living and movement together.

As in nature, our bodies and our senses follow the seasons. This program honours that fact and is inspired by the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each chapter represents a season and contains exercises and recipes suited to each particular part of the year. Of course, you can mix exercises and recipes from these different seasons at any time during the year to suit your mood.

This is a PDF version of the book which can be downloaded, read on a computer or printed out in hard copy. The E-Book contains links to video clips demonstrating the moves contained in the book.

Originally written and published in Sweden, this book is used by thousands of teachers and parents in schools and homes. Now available in English with accompanying Poster, playing cards and videos demonstrating the suggested movements.


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