ChiBall Teacher Training – Complete Course – All 4 parts


The Complete Teacher Training course includes the three foundational modules of  TCM, Musicality & Movement, and Colour & Aromatherapy plus the Practical Teacher Training course featuring the six movement disciplines of ChiBall.

The individual modalities are combined into a pre-choreographed One hour Yin Yang balanced ChiBall lesson.  Includes over 20 hours of Video from a previous live course.


Mind-body health and wellbeing is a top priority for most people and maintaining healthy lifestyles is a growing trend. As a comprehensive global mind-body exercise practice, ChiBall™ is an ideal way to enrich your skill-set and develop competencies across a range of disciplines. Teachers and participants are discovering the benefits of this low-impact and highly effective programme suitable for all age groups.

Is this suitable for me?
ChiBall is a highly flexible programme, allowing you to dip in and take what you need. The ChiBall family comes from all backgrounds, skill-levels, and ages, and encourages people to deepen their insights into health and wellbeing for themselves and educating others.

The ChiBall Teacher Training programme is ideal for complimentary therapists, personal trainers, health professionals, group exercise teachers Yoga and Pilates practitioners as the philosophy can be adapted to suit these teaching environments

This training programme employs a thorough instructive introduction to TCM as well as each of the following modalities:

• Tai Chi-Qi Gong
• ChiBall Dance
• Yoga
• Pilates
• ChiBall Release – Based on the principles of the Feldenkrais Method
• Deep relaxation and meditation

Course Objectives

The Objectives of the Course are to:
• To provide a framework for ChiBall practitioners of the use of the specific modalities that relate to ChiBall
• To provide knowledge and understanding of the use of movement techniques and the integration of the TCM philosophies as they relate to ChiBall
• To teach students how to teach a classical Yin Yang ChiBall class and understand how to get the best out of the exercise program
• To enable ChiBall practitioners to understand each of the key movements of the various modalities and teach a class that integrates exceptional technique and philosophy.

Course Contents

Part 1 – The Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Part 2 – Musicality and Movement
Part 3 – Colour and Aromatherapy
Part 4 The Practical Teacher Training

The course comes complete with pdf manuals, royalty free music, pre-choreographed class with technique points, movement notes and video lessons to complement your learning.

In addition there are over 25 hours of video lectures and exercises from a previous training to help you study “as if you were there”.



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