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Lose weight, tone up and invigorate your body with Energise & Tone, a synergy of aromatherapy and movement.

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Lose weight, tone up and invigorate your body with the synergy of aromatherapy and movement of Energise & Tone. If you suffer from lethargy, poor circulation, headaches, back pain and muscular stiffness, your energy meridians might be blocked. The simple flowing, energetic and repetitive movements of Energise & Tone, when practiced with a ChiBall™, endeavour to unblock these vital energy pathways. An excellent cardiovascular exercise, Energise & Tone will also increase your metabolism – assisting weight loss, improving your bone density, and releasing tension and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, back and legs. Through regular practice, you will be rewarded with a body that is balanced and toned, and a mind that is calm and relaxed. Includes a bonus e-booklet, An Introduction to The Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Originally recorded by Monica Linford as Part 1 of the ChiBall Method in Adelaide South Australia.  This format is  ©ChiBall World Pty Ltd. Digitally remixed, remastered and re-authored from the original recordings.

Download file is MP4 format 287Mb; Approximate running time 56mins. Exempt from classification


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