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The Power of Relaxation DVD is a blissful journey back to harmony, balance and wellbeing.
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Stress and tension are diseases of the modern age. If we don’t take time out to rest and relax, our body has to work harder, our emotions become unstable, and our immune system suffers.

Relaxation is a skill that we have to re-learn to be reminded of our natural state of being. It takes time and repetitive practice to reverse a stressful habit pattern.

The Power of Relaxation video incorporates breathing to relax the mind, Yoga to revive the body and meditation to calm the spirit. You will be amazed at the results!

Includes e-booklet, An Introduction to The Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Originally recorded in Adelaide South Australia.  This format is  ©ChiBall World Pty Ltd. Digitally remixed, remastered and re-authored from the original recordings.

Download file is MP4 format 625Mb; Approximate running time 1hr 45mins. Exempt from classification.



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