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Nourish and rejuvenate your Chi (your vital energy), and calm mind, body and spirit with Release & Relax.

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Support your immune system and calm your mind, body and spirit with Release & Relax, a synergy of aromatherapy and movement. If you feel tension in the shoulders, neck or back, have frequent headaches, colds or flu, sit or stand all day, or feel generally stressed, then Release & Relax is ideal for you. Through a combination of Tai Chi, simple Yoga postures and Feldenkrais Method, slowly the body and mind are relieved of daily stress and tension, promoting harmony and relaxation of the mind and emotions. The gentle exercises of Release & Relax will increase the flexibility of your spine, hips and shoulders, improve your posture, help prevent back pain, and assist in the removal of metabolic waste which reduces muscle fatigue. Includes a bonus e-booklet, An Introduction to The Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Originally recorded by Monica Linford as Part 3 of the ChiBall Method in Adelaide South Australia.  This format is  ©ChiBall World Pty Ltd. Digitally remixed, remastered and re-authored from the original recordings.

Download file is MP4 format 287Mb; Approximate running time 55mins. Exempt from classification


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