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ChiBall® Gentle Moves has been specifically designed for those participants wanting a gentle exercise routine to improve their overall health.  It is especially suitable for seniors or those recovering from injury or illness.

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ChiBall® Gentle Moves was originally designed as an adapted ChiBall class for those teachers wanting to introduce a gentle exercise routine to participants who want to improve their overall health, seniors or those recovering from injury or illness. Using movements from Tai chi – qi gong, dance, yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais and meditation, ChiBall Gentle Moves improves general health, reduces stress, strengthen joints, builds up the immune system, coordination and maintains vitality throughout life.  The class is now available as a Video Download for those participants that would like to experience the benefits of this class in their own home.

Includes a bonus e-booklet, An Introduction to The Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Originally recorded by Judy McKenzie in Adelaide South Australia.  This format is  ©ChiBall World Pty Ltd. Digitally remixed, remastered and re-authored from the original recordings.

Download file is MP4 format 400Mb; Approximate running time One hour. Exempt from classification.



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