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Promotes self love and restores feelings of joy and happiness.

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50ml spray mist – apply and wipe clean to rejuvenate the fragrance of your ChiBall whilst cleansing and sanitizing your exercise equipment.
Use as a room spray before exercise.
As traditionally the rose flower is the embodiment of love and well being, so the aroma extracted from this plant is a tonic for the physical as well as the emotional heart. It is widely used as a treatment for skin conditions – broken capillaries, dry skin, eczema, sensitive skin and wrinkles in the mature or sensitive epidermis. The aroma through its richness also plays a psychological role as it has a calming effect on grief, resentment, anger and depression.
As befitting an aroma with a powerful Yin energy, as a sedative it has a centering influence, encouraging healing through relaxation, harmony and balance and can be of great benefit in times of shock, bereavement and depression. Overall, its harmonising power resonates within the inner core, with positive effects on circulation, asthma, coughs and hay fever. As befits the plant most associated with love and romance, this aroma promotes self love, abundance and acceptance of the self and others.

Five key concepts for Rose ChiAroma:

  1. Relaxation
  2. Healing
  3. Harmony
  4. Balance
  5. Well being

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