ChiAroma – Lavender


Relieves nervous anxiety and promotes inner-calm.

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50ml spray mist – apply and wipe clean to rejuvenate the fragrance of your ChiBall whilst cleansing and sanitizing your exercise equipment.
Use as a room spray before exercise.
Lavender has a calming and uplifting quality and soothes trauma, apprehension, panic attacks, grief and fear of change. Lavender fragrance helps us to let go of long term physical, mental and emotional habits that no longer serve us. The Lavender ChiAroma fragrance has the ability to release unexpressed emotions, relieve nervous anxiety, shyness, whilst promoting calmness and serenity of the mind and spirit.

Five key concepts for Lavender ChiAroma:

  1. Rejuvenating
  2. Serene
  3. Calm
  4. Expressive
  5. Inner poise

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