Recently we received an email from one of our ChiBall teachers who works with active 4 year olds. We loved this story of the last day of term…


I wanted to relate what I did today with my 4 year olds at the kindy. I have a feeling you will love this –

I always take first group time, I told the kids what I had been doing for 5 days and showed them the balls and said they could do some with me after lunch.

I had about four helping me to open 30 plastic bags, pile up the “straws” and colour code them into bags. I filled them up with air while they had lunch. You have NO IDEA how fabulous the next 45 minutes was. We checked out the smell – for your info all but the silver ball was recognised the red ball smells like “cookies at Christmas” and I swear I did not say anything about cinnamon, Christmas, or any type of leading information. Now I gave the four most energetic over the top boys the purple balls (much to the little girl’s disgust as purple is their favourite colour!).

Now if you had been there to see four boys become quiet, thoughtful and compliant you would possibly believe me, but I still am shaking my head. (So is the staff of the kindy!). I used the Move CD I picked up yesterday, I even opened it in front of them so had not listened to it – we did some initial movements without the music but still holding the balls, then did the rainbow, butterfly arms, sunset/sunrise and horizon moves. Then did some relaxation on the floor from the Feldenkrais section in particular the back rolls over the ball. Then: just relaxed – no music – on the floor.

Now you need to know these kids always love the last day of term as it’s ‘play all day, party lunch and anything goes’. So hyped up is a normal explanation for most of them. One of my staff asked me how the kids had managed to relax so quietly on the floor even though it was nearly 2pm and usually the worst time of the day for children and their energy sources.  Oh yes and we did pat our arms all the way down and up they thought that was hilarious!

The ChiBall Team would like to say a special thank you to Babs for submitting this wonderful reflection. If you have any stories that you would like to share with us, please email