ChiBall is an experience: a journey that starts with the rejuvenation of the body and emotions, and continues with a way of life that reflects harmony, balance and wellbeing, both within and without.

ChiBall is a unique set of movements and exercises that are practised with a physical ChiBall™ which is infused with a matching fragrance or ChiAroma™.

The synergy of colour and aroma in the ChiBall™ is a potent combination for healing our physical imbalances, equalising emotional highs and lows, and nourishing a depleted spirit.

Drawing on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, ChiBall liberates blocked Chi, improves breathing and lung capacity, improves circulation and vitality, releases tension and stiffness, and enhances concentration, balance and co-ordination overall.

ChiBall provides you with a structure or framework through which you may identify the key areas of your life: where you are now, what you would like to change and transform, and the transitions that are necessary for you to feel complete and whole where the mind, body and spirit are united.

We believe that by nurturing and respecting ourselves, we nurture and respect the planet. Through the responsible and ethical use of resources, we can heal and sustain our precious environment.

Wherever you are on your journey, ChiBall World is here to serve and support you by nourishing and guiding your mind and body with simple practices and quality products.

Our vision is to transform the health and wellness of people through inspirational mind body exercise and philosophy.

ChiBall aims to nurture and guide you on your journey towards wellness, where mind, body and spirit are united.

Our Values are:

Our philosophy is that by exploration of the self and through dedicated and disciplined practice, we can cultivate a state of inner strength, peace and wellbeing so that we can live a harmonious and balanced life.

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