Why Share the ChiBall Love?
ChiBall has been building healthy communities through our education program of low impact exercise for over 20 years.
The ChiBall program can be understood in an hour, learned in a week but provides a lifetime of discovery. We offer both online digital products including Educational Programs, downloadable videos, royalty free music and physical products including ChiBalls and aromatherapy sprays. The Chiball is used in yoga, tai chi and Pilates classes as a focus tool and an aid for recovering from injuries. Course prices range from $125 to $499 and a set of Chiballs (10) costs $178.20. We offer our affiliate partners 15% commission on all sales providing you with a simple and effective incentive to Share the Love!

Where should I display my tracking link?
Blog: Review our products and explain the benefits of signing up to ChiBall
Community: Share on Facebook Groups, communities or message boards
Email To Subscribers: If you have an email list, promoting special offers via links, banners, etc.
Facebook: Enter your unique link onto the share menu atop your Timeline, or display on your homepage
Instagram: Captions that lead your followers to a clickable link in your bio
Pinterest: Sharing pins of the ChiBall product with the tracking link
Promotion of what we offer to your podcast listeners with custom discount codes and links. To request a customised discount code, contact
Website: Banners, links, content to your website promoting ChiBall

How do I access my account? If you are already an affiliate just log in or access from here.

Are there any banners or adverts I can place on my website or blog? Sure – Once you have logged in you can access Creatives from here.

How do I get paid? Payment from the program is done via PayPal or direct bank transfer. We will send the referral commissions you’ve earned once you’ve reached the $50 threshold. Learn more about the Payment Threshold here

I’m not part of the ChiBall Affiliate Program, how can I test a product? While we would like to provide everyone and our affiliates the ChiBall products to test, certain criteria must be met. If you have any specific questions about how to use our product or how to purchase a ChiBall set, we can be reached here:  

Are there any promotional restrictions? Once you’ve joined the program, please read our terms and conditions which summaries the usage of the resources provided.

Contact us: We are happy to assist your with questions you may have about joining the affiliate program, chuck us a line at: