Summer Seasonal

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Summer ChiBall Class

Welcome to the Seasonal Summer Course.  In this module we will explore the Fire Element, Summer, and the associated correspondences.  In the Taoist tradition the Fire Element represents the energy that is predominant in the summertime.  Technically, this season is simply Summer (as opposed to Late Summer, which is the season that follows); although you will often see this season referred to as High Summer.  We tend to use High summer and Summer interchangeably.

The Fire element is associated with maturity and awareness, warmth, growth and summertime. It corresponds to the Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium, and Triple Heater meridian systems; the colour red, the aroma of cinnamon and the emotion of joy. Fire people are the greatest “networkers” they love to reach out to “all the world” and to create relationships with many people.  They enjoy laughing out loud, although occasionally, they carry a sadness or lack of joy deep within themselves.  (High) Summer is the most “yang” time of year, when the days are longest and energy is at its height; there is vibrancy all around us.

A Summer ChiBall class aims to raise the heart beat and liberate rising Chi energy.  Summer is the most energetic of the seasons and our Summer ChiBall Class is designed to resonate with this energy.  The choreograph is dynamic and playful, and you should leave this class with a broad smile.



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