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What Our Customers are Saying

“I just wanted to share that the moment I started the ChiBall class I got the feeling of peace, beauty, and tranquillity all over my body. I get these feelings when I listen to music or anything full of emotion, beauty, love or something that rings true for me. I get this feeling of good vibrations when doing this class. I hope I can continue to participate and go on to learn from this wonderful course for the rest of my life.”

Maxine Haga

“I’ve found a wonderful exercise and wellbeing program called ChiBall. It is a combination of yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais and meditation using a coloured ball. The program is based on the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’ve been going to classes for 3 months and it’s the best hour of my week. It is such a great program for women recovering from breast cancer”

Samantha Carrington, Breast Cancer Network Australia

“Our gorgeous people continue to fill the exercise room 4 times a week, and I have noticed a huge increase in younger participants, which is very exciting. At the moment I have 3 professional soccer players in my class who came out of pure curiosity, and now do it as an integral part of their game preparation. I have also had a young man in the class who sustained a major head injury a year ago, and he has been doing the class for 3 months. In that time he has improved beyond belief, not just with things like balance and co-ordination, but with more subtle improvements such as a return of his sense of humour, and his ability to relate to people around him. I have really noticed it since we have been doing the Summer Programme, with the emphasis on the heart meridian system; it seems the more we stimulate this pathway, the more his joy and passion to get well has improved. It is so rewarding!”

Karen Nurse, YMCA, Western Australia

“No praise is too high for the excellent ChiBall classes and the Instructor Linley. She directs the exercises clearly and maintains unflagging interest by varying their presentation and the delightful musical arrangements. The benefits and enjoyment they have given me are huge.

In my 85th year there has been enormous improvement in my suppleness, agility, balance, posture, ability to concentrate and to relax, increased energy, need less sleep, etc. Please convey my appreciation and gratitude to Linley and the Management.”

Jean M. Cook

What the Media Are Saying

Times (UK)
“All my muscles felt strangely alive, and the pain in my back had subsided. … I emerged from the classes relaxed, yet alert, transformed both in body and mind.”


The black dog project

“We find many patients use the ChiBall in the crook of their armpit to provide drainage of the area after invasive breast surgery. There is also increasing evidence that modern cancer treatments can be more effective if the patient is relaxed and their body is in a positive state to receive the treatment.”

The Sunday Times (UK)
“Monica believes that people who have been rushing around all day do not need more of the same when they exercise. … I know (and felt) that my body was tested in her class. By the end, I was not tired or out of breath, just warm and relieved of an invisible burden of tension I must have been carrying, unnoticed, for weeks.”


Zest Magazine (UK)
“Grab one of these brightly coloured and deliciously scented ChiBalls™, and get set to swing your way to a healthier, slimmer you.”



Elle Magazine (UK)
“A great sweet-smelling way to unwind.”

Self Magazine (New York)
“Single best workout out there.”

“ChiBall … is a feel-great, tone-it-all workout anyone can master.

Spirit & Destiny Magazine (UK)

“The effects of this programme are so calming. … Guaranteed to make you feel amazing!”


The Times (UK)
“This slow workout helps unlock areas of tension and increases flexibility.”

Spa World (UK)
“This sensual combination of scented balls and graceful movement is providing a path to total wellbeing and weight loss.”

“Since ChiBall first appeared in our fitness studios and homes, people of all ages and walks of life have been grabbing these brightly coloured and delicately scented balls and combining them with flowing movements to achieve a higher state of physical and mental wellness.”

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